USS Julius A. Furer FFG-6
USS Julius A. Furer (FFG-6)

Furer timeline

As I find information about the Furer (pronounced like the German name), I will create a small page here about her. If any of you did service aboard her, especially anytime during May 1975 through February 1977, please e-mail me!

I was assigned to the Furer back in May of 1975 after I had completed my electronics schooling in Great Lakes, Illinois. At the time, the Furer was in the midst of a full overhaul in the Charleston, South Carolina Naval Shipyard. Chipped many a square foot of paint while I was there! The Furer had been completely stripped and only the main steam turbine engines had been re-installed. By October of '75, she was again seaworthy and many short 'sea trials' off the South Carolina coast were made, testing the various systems. In December, we steamed down to the Carribean, including the Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico Naval Station and Frederiksted, Saint Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We returned to Charleston for the holidays and around March of '76, returned to the Carribean and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for REFTRA (refresher training). This month long training coarse was an all hands project, covering all shipboard operations and tactical skills. One weekend in April during REFTRA, we steamed down to Ocho Rios, Jamaica for a day or two of R&R. Returning to Charleston, we prepared for the 1976 Bicenntenial "Opsail '76" held in New York harbor on July 4th. After New York, we steamed south to the Savannah River, and made our way up river to Savannah, Georgia for 3 days of Public relations. After several short patrol cruises up and down the coast, we left Charleston in October to head for the Mediterrainian Sea and a 6 month "Med Cruise". After passing through the Straights of Gibraltor, we continued to the Rota Naval Station in Spain. During the November to February '77 time frame, we made stops in Naples and Taranto Italy, the Island of Crete, Palma de Mallorca Spain, Bizerta Tunisia (seeing the ruins of ancient Tunis while there) and Taormina Sicily. During some exercises off the coast of Italy, a number of boiler tubes blew out and forced the Furer to steam back to Naples Italy for repairs. It was while moored in Naples, that I was seperated from active duty and flown back to California for my active Naval Reserve duty.

Furer emblem Destroyer Squadron 20

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