4 Cycle Throttled

Serial #227613

1917 Fairbank-Morse " Z "

6 Horse Power Gasoline/Kerosene Engine manufactured by the
Fairbanks, Morse & Co., Beloit, Wisconsin

5 1/2” Bore X 8″ Stroke – Rated H.P. at 400 R.P.M

At nearly 900 lbs. (408 kg), this 6 HP Fairbanks-Morse and it’s matching younger kin listed below, are the third heaviest singles in the shed. The flywheels measure 28″ (71 cm) in diameter while the engine measures 32″ (81 cm) overall in height. 9 gallons (34 l) of water are contained in the hopper for cooling. The displacement of the engine works out to be 190 cubic inches (3100 cc). This particular engine is all original including the paint, and, judging by the lack of wear, it has not seen much use. An intermittant problem with the magneto, which turned out to be a manufacturing flaw, may have contributed to the lack of use. Only the main fuel tank (inside the base), along with the fuel lines, needed replacing as the old tank could whistle in the wind for all the holes rusted into it!

Feelin' up to it? Then give 'er a twist! Remember, this is 190 cubic inches!

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