The Waterloo Boy Restoration Project

Engine Serial No. 26856
The engine shortly after it was found in 1992 Originally shipped from the factory on February 21, 1911

Herein lies the story of the rebirth of a 100 year old engine. This little 1 1/2 HP hit-n-miss was fairly complete, but had been poorly modified/repaired in it’s life time and needed LOTS of work. I have no history on this engine, other than it was bought by it’s previous owner in the San Francisco area at a swap meet not long before I purchased it from him in early 1992. It had been converted from ignitor to spark plug ignition and was missing all the ignitor related parts. A 1/2″ pipe threaded hole for a spark plug had been bored into the head and the ignitor port was covered with a steel plate. A hashed together ignition timer had been attached to the cam gear to operate a buzz coil. After most all of the proper parts had been obtained, the fun really began. The following pages are a chronological account of the full restoration job. Enjoy!

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