What Drives Us?

Old Engine Shed is an online magazine dedicated to classic car enthusiasts. It covers issues regarding classic cars: restoration, repair, maintenance, and history. We also report on all news from the automotive industry. Cars are man-made, and the evolution of cars from the past to the present is homage to the way we’ve comealong with technology and engineering feats. We learn to appreciate the old cars, but instead of throwing them to the scrap yard in favor of a new one, we keep their memory alive through restoration and sharing our stories with fellow vehicle enthusiasts in the community.

Chuck Burr

Chuck has worked in the auto mechanic shop with his dad ever since he was a teenager. At the age of 21, He started a small restoration shop in his area. Today, his business still stands, but it only caters to classic cars.

With over 22 years of experience, Chuck knows how to talk about classic cars. He reviews them under Classic Car Spotlight. With Lance and Kristine, he moderates the Restoration Blues submissions and talks about what he would have done differently.

Lance Hargrove

Lance keeps a day job as a tattoo artist, providing high-quality art to the residents in his city. By night, he is a writer and a vehicle critic. He prefers the classy look of an old car to the monster truck behemoths with excessive amounts of cupholders.

Lance has been an avid enthusiast for classic cars ever since he was a child. For his 20th birthday, he saved enough money to buy a Ford F-100, which he still drives around with eight years later.

Kristine Salter

Kristine is a mechanical engineering professor. Her father is a mechanic, and he passed down his love for vehicles to her at a very early age. While she appreciates modern technology and high-tech developments, she still knows how to appreciate the beauty of classic cars. She likes to talk about innovation and the latest news in the industry. Sometimes, she’ll share tips her father taught her about maintaining, repairing, or restoring classic cars.

Cars are the sculptures of our everyday lives.

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