Burning Smell in Your Car? 5 Reasons Why and What To Do

A strange burning odor wafting from your car can be alarming. But don’t panic! Several common issues can cause this, some simple fixes and others more serious. Let’s explore five reasons why your car might smell like something’s burning and what to do in each case.

  • Electrical Issues: A burning plastic or electrical scent might indicate electrical problems. Overheated wires or fuses can melt, causing this odor.

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    Thankfully, this is usually an easy fix for a qualified auto repair technician. Don’t delay getting your car checked to avoid further electrical problems.

  • Fuel Leaks: This is a serious situation. If you smell gasoline, it could be a fuel leak, which is a fire hazard. Pull over immediately, turn off the engine, and call for auto repair assistance. Don’t attempt to start the car again until a mechanic has identified and addressed the leak.
  • Worn Out Brakes: A burning odor when applying the brakes suggests worn brake pads. This is a common issue, but it’s crucial to address it for your safety. Worn brakes can lead to decreased stopping power, increasing the risk of an accident. Schedule an auto repair appointment to have your brakes checked and replaced if necessary.
  • Overheated Engine: If you smell burning along with steam or smoke coming from under the hood, your engine might be overheating. This can be caused by low coolant levels, a malfunctioning radiator, or other issues. Pull over to a safe location, turn off the engine, and let it cool down completely before driving again. Once the engine has cooled, have your car checked by a mechanic to diagnose the cause of the overheating and prevent further damage.
  • Hot Weather: Surprisingly, even hot weather can cause a burning smell in your car. The intense heat can cause interior materials like plastic or leather to emit a burning odor. To prevent this, park in shaded areas whenever possible or use a sunshade to protect your car’s interior from the sun’s direct rays.

If you notice any burning smells coming from your car, it’s important to take action. Ignoring the issue could lead to further damage or even safety hazards. Play it safe and have your car checked by a qualified auto repair professional as soon as possible. Early detection and repair can save you money and keep you safe on the road.


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