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What Makes Driving Gloves Essential on the Road?

What driving gear is essential for you? Maybe a hands-free headset will help you take those business calls without taking your eye off the road. An insulated drinkware will allow you to keep your drink at optimal temp during long road trips. What about a pair of driving gloves?

Why Would People Wear Driving Gloves?

 drivers’ gloves
In the underworld, you may see drivers’ gloves being worn for other purposes. Like this interrogation scene from “Drive” with Ryan Gosling as the mysterious Driver. Photo from IMDB.com

Some people may think wearing gloves to drive is overkill. Others may think it looks cool since many of the coolest cats on the big screen sport them.

Think Baby (Ansel Elgort) in “Baby Driver” who wore the red gloves Griff (Jon Bernthal) gave him after the first heist. Then there’s Frank (Jason Statham) in “The Transporter” and the mysterious Driver (Ryan Gosling) in “Drive,” who also uses his driving gloves for more pugilistic purposes.

Of course, your driving requirements may not match the super dangerous (and sometimes, illegal) driving of Baby, Frank and Driver. But a pair of leather driving gloves delivers many benefits.

You become a better driver

leather gloves
Jason Statham in 2002’s “The Transporter” is the best in the business and so he’s always well-equipped with a pair of leather gloves. Photo from IMDB.com

When you’ve got driving gloves on, you’ll get better steering wheel grip. It functions in the same way that driving shoes give you better grip on the pedals, letting you drive with greater precision.

Sweaty hands won’t serve you well if you’re trying to push your car farther and you’re on a winding road. The right driving gloves will keep in you full control of your car, allowing you to stay safe on the road.

You keep your hands safe

Yes, steering wheel design and materials have improved since the days of uncovered metal and wood. With a metal steering wheel, there was an issue of burning one’s hands when the car was left too long out in the sun. With a wooden steering wheel, there was the probability of getting splinters. Leather gloves was essential with both steering wheels to protect the driver’s hands.

You could still leave your car out in the sun and you could burn your hands when you handle the wheel. A pair of gloves will protect your hands from getting slightly burned. And you can drive off without having to wait for the wheel to get comfortable enough to handle.

You can add it as a stylish flair

stylish gloves
Driving gloves aren’t exclusive to being behind the wheel or to men; women with a fashionable streak may also showcase the flexibility of this safety driving gear as exhibited by Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) in “Gossip Girl.”

Off the road, the right gloves can become part of a man or woman’s wardrobe. If it gets cold enough, leather driving or even motorcycle gloves could complete an outfit. It’ll give your sense of a style a badass edge.

You prevent hand fatigue

But skin protection isn’t the only reason to wear leather gloves when driving. It can also reduce hand fatigue, which could set in on those long road trips. It could also happen when you prefer to drive classic cars, which need a bit more effort than contemporary cars on automatic transmission.

If you happen to have a classic muscle car, like a Dodge Charger, you’ll exert even more effort to maneuver it because of its power and responsiveness. Only John Wick has the balls to handle a Dodge Charger (2011) with his bare hands.

As a safety equipment, driving gloves cushion and protect your hands from the impact of a wheel, reducing vibration and keeping you comfortable behind the wheel. This is in contrast to motorcycle gloves, which protect the rider’s hands from pavement impact and vibrations from the bike.

You maintain the look, quality of your steering wheel

If your car has a leather steering wheel, it could degrade over time from human oils and sweat. A worn out looking steering wheel can ruin a perfectly good interior. And wearing driving gloves is one of the ways to maintain your ride, especially if you’re driving a classic car.

Which Gloves are Best for Driving?

using gloves
Christian Bale as Ken Miles in “Ford v Ferrari” wearing driving gloves during a racing scene. Photo from IMDB.com

But how do you know which gloves would work for maneuvering your vehicle? Your choices could depend on why you need to wear one. For example, if you plan to drive a lot in cold weather, the warmest gloves would be a fine choice.

What about the usual gloves you’d wear during autumn or winter?

The thing about regular gloves or mittens is that they’re lined unlike gloves designed for driving. Driving gloves are unlined so that a driver gains better control on and sensitivity for the steering wheel.

Meanwhile, a pair of racing gloves are designed for extreme driving conditions, from a potential fire to overuse of hands. So unless you expect to meet those situations, you can settle for gloves meant for everyday driving on the road and not on the racetrack.

The next step to figuring out which driving gloves are best would be your budget.

The Price-Friendly Gloves

Harssidanzar Fingerless Driving Gloves


 Harssidanzar Womens Fingerless Lambskin Leather Driving Gloves Unlined

These women’s driving gloves are made from soft sheepskin leather and features motion zones and web zones for maximum breathability. This pair will do for long drives because the design allows for effortless driving even when you’re ripping through those roads.

Riparo Genuine Leather Driving Gloves



If you’re looking for a more traditional style, this pair from Riparo does catch the eye. It’s made from Italian Nappa leather and it’s fleece lined with straps.

The Car-to-Street Driving Gloves

Barbour Burmished Leather Driving Gloves


black gloves

This classic black leather glove is lined with polyester with an adjustable snap and could pass for usual gloves to warm your hands while walking down the street.

Aspinal of London Men’s Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves


hand gloves

If you want to walk in style after getting out of your posh ride, this pair from Aspinal of London would be a good splurge. It’s handcrafted from supple nappa leather and lined with super soft cashmere and wool.

The Everyday Driving Gloves

1861 Glove Manufactory Rimini Saddle Brown Leather Gloves


 Rimini Saddle Brown leather gloves

These gloves are unlined and stylish, making them ideal for spring and fall driving. Made from soft Italian nappa leather using traditional techniques, they are soft and glossy.

How Should Driving Gloves Fit?

Once you’ve figured out the options, don’t just click and add to cart. You want to make sure they’ll fit you right. But how should your gloves fit?

For starters, driving gloves should not be tight but not loose either. Otherwise, they’ll just make your drive uncomfortable and probably unsafe. You’ll want to take your measurements by taking a tape measure to your dominant hand and using those measurements against the sizing guide of your preferred product.

Now most gloves will stretch over time, but when you fit one it should be snug — not tight. For full-fingered gloves, they must be a bit loose around the fingers and be snug around your palm.

Glove Up When Driving or Racing

You may not have thought too much about it, but when you do, wearing leather gloves to drive makes sense. You protect your hands. You maintain more control while behind the wheel. And you’ll look stylish. So glove up and stay safe on the road.

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