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Gain an Edge in the Logistics Sector with 3 Incredible Moves

You need to find ways to streamline your operations and lower your overhead costs to succeed in the ever-competitive but lucrative logistics business. Keeping your fleet in good running condition can help increase your bottom line.

To give your logistics business an edge in the competitive sector, you need to choose the best vehicles for your fleet and hire reliable workers. Only then can you create healthy margins without compromising on the quality of service and customer satisfaction. Warner Vans of Utah explains that with a fleet of powerful, spacious, and durable vehicles, you can take your business to the next level.

Consolidate shipments

While keeping your customers happy and satisfied with your service is of primal importance, it could leave a gaping hole in your finances. Thanks to emerging technology, you can live up to your client’s expectations while maintaining a healthy profit margin. By employing GPS technology, you can streamline your delivery service and save more money.

Mapping out your customer’s location helps you consolidate your shipments. You can then reduce the number of vehicles servicing one route or even the number of trips necessary in a day. That way, you can lower the wear and tear on your vehicles while saving on gas as well. You can even track your delivery times to coincide with off-peak hours to avoid wasting valuable hours stuck in traffic.

Keep your fleet in good shape

Delivery trucksKeeping your vehicles in tiptop shape lets you save on the cost of managing the fleet. As a delivery service provider, you will rack up many miles on the cars in your fleet. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to keep the wear and tear to a minimum through preventive maintenance. Following the manufacturer’s service plan is the best way to keep your fleet in excellent shape.

For medium and heavy-duty vehicles, check the lights, brakes, fluid levels, and tires every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. Between 10,000 and 20,000 miles, you need to change the filter and oil. You also need to inspect the driveline and engine, rotate tires, and carry out DOT inspection annually. You also need to prepare your trucks for the winter or summer.

Hire qualified drivers

It wouldn’t do to keep your fleet in great shape only to hand the vehicles to reckless drivers. Such drivers would cause you to incur substantial losses. They are likely to drive up your maintenance and fuel costs, get cited for flaunting traffic accident, and crush your safety record. You need to realize that your employees double up as brand ambassadors. Their driving habits also affect the safety and security of the goods you’re tasked to deliver to your customers.

Therefore, you need to be selective about the people you bring on board. You want employees who will help you realize your business objectives while building your brand. Your drivers’ conduct on the road reflects on your brand’s reputation and this affects the amount of confidence your potential clients have in your company.

While there’s a growing demand for delivery services, you must overcome steep competition to grow your business. It’s imperative that you keep the fleet in good running condition and streamline your operations to increase efficiency. Doing this lets you improve customer satisfaction, grow your market share, and boost your bottom line.

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