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Travel Today: A Look Into This Year’s Travel Trends

You know you’re seeing the same places over and over again on social media because your colleagues are taking a winter vacation in Tulum. Friends taking selfies in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon? You might have stumbled across a new travel pattern. With the effect of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on so few areas of our lives and the globe, travel will be permanently altered and reshaped as well.

The travel industry will have to innovate faster than ever before because of shifting travel preferences, expectations, requirements, and habits. Additionally, travelers will refine their tastes in terms of locations and traveling companions as they seek greater levels of safety and more environmentally friendly options. Wanderlust will coexist with a newfound respect for local discoveries, and travelers will explore new ways to balance work and travel.


Travel content consumption, innovative vacation planning, and sharing travel fantasies will continue to soar next year. During the weeks of lockdown, the vast majority of passengers sought comfort and diversion by studying possible holiday locations every week. Destinations and accommodations will capitalize on travelers’ desire to escape reality as restrictions continue to shift.

Security in Travel

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, travelers will be more cautious and turn to the travel industry for advice on preparing for the new normal. Consistent criteria for travel safety will be required from governments and travel organizations, and providers. With the public’s expectations raised, specific locations and companies will work even harder to restore tourists’ confidence.

Fewer tourists will visit particular places, and tourist attractions will have to change to accommodate a greater degree of social distance. Most visitors will only book a specific lodging if they know exactly what health and hygiene standards are in place, with trendy antibacterial and sanitizing goods.

Many of us will avoid public transportation shortly out of fear of acquiring Coronavirus, which is another short-term shift in transportation preferences and provisions. To get to and around holiday locations, more individuals will rent or drive their vehicle, or even go big and rent a luxury yacht, in the long run as a result. Increasing health and safety precautions will also be a priority for passengers in the ‘new normal.’

Most passengers will accept health spot checks upon arrival and wearing a mask in public, much as we have grown used to not packing liquids in our carry-on baggage and taking our shoes off at the airport security checkpoint.

Simple Pleasures

Because we spend so much time at home with our families, our travel goals have shifted, and we now want to make the most of our natural resources. Hiking, clean air, wildlife, and leisure have all grown in popularity since the pandemic outbreak. Travelers will be eager to embrace a new and bare-bones way of seeing the world as we learn to live with the effects of the epidemic by 2021 and beyond.

Research also indicates that visitors will seek out more straightforward experiences like time spent with family while away. Many individuals will also seek out more rural, off-the-beaten-path experiences to get more immersed in nature.

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Local Experience

Many travelers used to look forward to being penned up in a resort eating the same cuisine they would have in their own country, but those days are dwindling. Today’s travelers want to interact with the people, cultures, and landscapes of the places they visit, not just observe them from a hotel balcony. Many excursions focus on sampling the local cuisine since visitors are eager to experience new things. Many travelers consider cultural encounters to be a highlight of their trip, and today’s tourists are keen to learn about and participate in the customs of the places they visit.

Tech and Travel

Travelers’ trust in technology will be restored as a result of technological progress. We will witness a rise in the usage of technology to accommodate a new kind of traveler. Technology will let us reclaim the spontaneity, self-assurance, and ease of days gone by while also ensuring that people travel responsibly and securely.

When many passengers believe that technology will help reduce health hazards while traveling, others believe that lodgings will have to keep up with current technological advances to keep guests feeling secure.  Due to technological advancement and integration into our travel experiences, this dependence on technology will only increase in the future.

That concludes our look at the key themes influencing the travel and tourism sector now and in the years to come. There is a strong connection between the travel business and customers that can be seen via these developments. This tug-of-war will undoubtedly continue until 2021. Whatever the reason, companies that can rapidly adapt to passengers’ shifting desires and requirements will be the most successful in the future.

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