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Simple Ways to Save for Your First Car

A car is a significant purchase. It actually comes second after buying a home. With that in mind, it requires you to assess your finances before you make the purchase.

Saving is always the best route. Also, even though it might seem like a long route, it is doable with a plan in place. Here are some simple ways to save up for your car:

Determine the Cost of Buying

First, determine the type of car that you want to buy. Assess your transportation needs to ascertain the ideal vehicle for you. Although you probably have your dream car in mind, find out how much the car will cost. Once you have the figure with you, you can start saving up for it. Also, you should determine whether to buy a brand new car or get a used one. Which is ideal for you at the moment?

Determine the Average Cost of Maintenance

The hardest part of owning a car is not buying a car but maintaining one. This is why it is essential to determine how much it will cost to keep your dream car. For instance, if you are buying one of the Volkswagen models, you can ask your mechanic or even a salesperson from a Volkswagen service centre about the maintenance routine.

You should also ask about the cost of frequent repairs. Then, asses if you can afford to maintain your car. If not, then there is no need to buy it in the first place. Instead, you should look for a substitute model that you can afford to purchase and maintain.

Create a Realistic Budget

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With the figures above, you can create a budget for buying and maintaining a car. Once you have all the expenses all laid out, you can devise a saving plan. The plan should state how much to set aside every week or month.

Cut Down on Your Spending

To reach your goal fast, you will be forced to cut down on unnecessary expenses. However, you should differentiate your needs and wants. Avoid impulse buying, cook instead of eating out, consider indoor entertainment, and compare prices before making any purchase. You have to minimise your spending. Otherwise, it will take you years to own a car. After saving much money, you can channel it all to your car-buying project.

Diversify Your Income Streams

You will need to think out of the box and come up with other ways to create extra income. There are so many passive income generating activities that you can engage in, and they will not affect your daily hustle.

Think of the things that you love doing and choose one that can give you some money. For example, if you like writing, you can consider freelance writing during weekends to create more income. As a writer, you can blog, write books, write for publications, or even ghostwrite.

In the end, saving up for a car is all about proper planning and strict execution. Once you have a clear goal as well as defined steps to reaching that goal, you can consider yourself a car owner.

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