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Six Things Men Are Expected to Do

Most of the time, men are expected to rise above any situation. Many people depend on you to “save the day” and make things work despite the odds. What better way to do that than to know the top things that real men know how to do. Here they are:

Move Heavy Stuff

One tip when moving heavy items is to use blankets. You can tilt one side of the heavy object, place the sheet underneath, and then proceed to tilt the other side up and pull up the blanket under it. Make sure the heavy item is sitting fully on the sheet. It is very easy to pull the heavy object wherever you want it placed.

Paint a Room or Any Surface

Start by preparing the room by keeping the doorknobs, switch plates, etc. safe. You can do so by placing some tape around these metal hardware to ensure no paint will smudge over them. Fill small holes in your drywall, sand rough edges and spots, and then add paint primer. Paint the ceilings first before the walls. Use final paint coating after the primer. The moment the final coating dries, reinstall the metal hardware and remove the tapes.

Build a Campfire

Look for dry fuel. You can use broken branches, dry wood or leaves. To test if your fuel will burn fast, place it on your palm—if it feels cool to the skin, this is wet and will not burn fast. If it is raining, you can use a cotton ball with Vaseline cream as your fire starter.

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Fix Vehicle Brakes

Whenever your brake pedal begins to feel a bit cranky, you need to bleed them. Make sure all four bleeder bolts are turned and then use a turkey baster to get the old brake fluid off the container. Clean the brake fluid container and fill it with fresh fluid. Place a tiny hose on the bleeder towards the fluid and into the reservoir. Ask someone to help you work on the brake pedal. Tell him to slowly get his foot off the pedal and once more depress it until fresh fluids pass through the hose. It will help if you have the right set of tools for vehicle work, such as a Baleigh pipe bender for sale.

Fix a Bike’s Flat Tire

If your bike is stuck with a flat tire, there is something you can do about it. First, remove the wheel and then take the flat tire off the bike rim. Start working on the opposite valve, and then take out the tube and the tire. If the tear is big, throw out the tube. To find a leak, inflate your tube and feel any air coming from it. If needed, dunk the tube in water and search for any forming bubbles. Place the patch on the leak or hole. Put back the bike’s tire to the rim and reassemble everything.

Get a Car Unstuck

Whenever you find your car stuck in mud, do not start the engine since it will only make the car stuck even deeper. Straighten your steering wheel and then start to dig out mud of snow on the rear or front times as much as you can. Place a mat or slab of wood under each portion and the ease out the vehicle into the mat or wood. If there are several people with you, ask them to help push the car in the direction you wish to go.

Learning to do these tasks is considered a life skill. Women can do these too, but there are plus points if a man comes in and offers help in these situations.

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