Three Tips to Make Sure Your Beetle Looks Awesome

The world we live in is very much driven by visual appeal. It is something we can’t deny; how consumers tend to prefer one product over another because of its look and packaging. And cars are no exception to this selection process—which is why there are brand-specific repair centres for vehicles such as Volkswagen, Audi, and Honda, among many others. Specialist shops like these exist to ensure that their mechanics are masters of their chosen brands, and that they know how a certain vehicle is supposed to look and feel like on the road.

Turn Heads as You Cruise by City Streets

For starters, any self-respecting car owner will want to turn people’s heads for the right reasons, and it’s definitely not because they’re parading down the street in a monstrous heap of a bad project.

To be specific, the Volkswagen, for all its glorious history, is not exempt from terrible and ridiculous decision-making. A mature Beetle owner will be quick to realise that when modifying one’s VW, “less is more” goes a long way.

So, to own a Beetle that turns heads as you drive down a busy street ever so coolly, here’s some advice that you can follow:

Keep it classy by keeping it simple

In taking care of your Beetle, whether it’s to replace and upgrade parts of it, or tinker with its appearance and make it look better and a bit more marketable, one thing any car owner can invest in is its paint job.

Classic Car

It is frequently assumed that one has to be well-versed with the jargon of automotive mechanics to transform their car into a good investment. This isn’t an absolute truth. Coating and repainting are simple enough modifications that any casual car owner can understand. To take a lemon of a VW and turn it into something profitable only requires some good taste.

Choosing a colour for a new paint job, for example, can make a world of difference, even if one owns a rickety Cabriolet from the 50’s. The classic look gives it that elegant feel, and modifying these parts can only make your VW come off as tacky. A clean paint job is all one really needs to restore their old Beetle to its former and shining glory.

Pay attention to maintenance for optimum quality

There are car owners who simply choose to look the other way, even when their VW’s are already showing some signs of wear-and-tear. If it’s been more than three to six months (or between 3 to 5 km more in your mileage) since you last had your oil changed, brakes checked or engine tuned up, then your Beetle is going to make you feel that it needs some tender, loving care.

Listen to how your car sounds when the engine is started, or feel for how the vehicle reacts when it rolls over a pothole or a speed bump, because when your Bug is acting weird, these may be some tell-tale signs that you need to visit your trusted repair centre.

Keep Those Rims Clean and Shiny

Apart from a pristine paint job, any Beetle owner can turn heads with some sick rims. Whitewall tyres are an undying classic look on any Bug. Ensuring that your VW is sporting some squeaky clean chromes at the centre of the whitewalls can effortlessly turn back the hands of time. Without much cost, your Beetle can look as valuable as it had been when it was brand new.

Volkswagen may have decided to stop production on the Beetle, but that doesn’t mean people are tired of seeing the iconic car cruising along highways and strutting down city streets. This halt on its manufacture can only make the VW Beetle appreciate in value. So, if you own one, be sure to cherish and take good care of your dear Beetle. After all, the world appreciates visual appeal above everything else, and again, your VW is no exception.

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