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Types of 4-Wheel Quad Bikes

While quad bikes are known to be entirely four wheels, there are other varieties that come with six or eight wheels. There are also some eco-friendly models for the environmentally conscious people, which are operated using batteries.

Quad bikes range in size with the smallest being 50cc and the largest being 1000cc. The cc (cubic meters) represents the size of the engine. For quad bikes with multiple engine cylinders, their cc represents measurements for both cylinders.

That said, as you explore farm quad bikes for sale, here is a comprehensive guide to the various options available.

Utility Quad Bikes

This is the most popular category of all quad bikes. It is characterized by a big motor, short travel suspension and plenty of accessories designed for farm activities and hunting. They are best suited for use in places such as agricultural lands or ranches, where you need to have tasks such as animal feeding and fence repairs done.

They are also common among hunters who cross ragged terrains carrying their hunting luggage. The electric quad bike option is gaining popularity among hunters; as they are quiet thus do not disrupt the game.

Sports Quad Bikes

This option is second in popularity after utility bikes. They range in size from the smallest, 250cc to the biggest 800cc. The all-terrain bikes are often lightweight, and they come with plenty of suspensions to effectively manoeuvre through bumps, turns, and jumps.

These bikes can be customized with a lot of accessories to suit to enhance performance and style. They are much faster than the utility bikes. As such, they are mostly used in sanctioned racing.

Side by Sides Quad Bike

Side by sides quad bikeThese are also referred to as SxS or Rhinos. They are characterized by their extreme suspension, powerful motors, and short wheelbase.

They resemble golf carts but are more lightweight thus can be driven at a faster speed for longer. They are particularly popular in small rural settings, and some places register them for use on highways.

They also act as pit vehicles during events such as races as they are more versatile and they provide easy mobility and transport. Sometimes, fire departments and the military have Side by Sides quad bikes customized to suit specific work-related operations.

Children’s Quad Bikes

These are the smallest in all the categories available. They are mostly available in 50 to 100cc categories, but might sometimes go up to 125cc. They have very minimal or no suspension at all, very minimal power, and automatic quad bike transmission, or no gears at all.

They are best suited for riders who have minimal or no riding experience. They have a weight range of 100–150 lbs., but this may differ slightly depending on the model and make.

With these insights on quad bikes, you can now make an informed decision based on the models and makes available. When selecting, you may consider factors such as your terrain, the road rules in your area, the age and number of users and also your budget. This ensures that you buy a quad bike that is as versatile as possible and also one that is suitable for your environment.

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