What to Expect During a Windshield Replacement

When you need a windshield replacement, knowing what to expect can help the process go smoothly. First, the technician will inspect the damage to determine if a replacement is necessary. If the windshield is beyond repair, they will proceed with the replacement. The technician will start by covering your vehicle’s interior and exterior to protect it from debris and damage.

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Next, they will carefully remove the damaged windshield. This involves cutting through the adhesive that holds the glass in place. Special tools are used to safely detach the windshield without harming the car’s frame. Once the old windshield is removed, the technician will clean and prepare the area for the new glass.

The new windshield is then fitted into place. High-quality adhesive is applied to the edges of the glass and the frame of the car to ensure a strong, secure bond. The technician will carefully position the new windshield, making sure it is properly aligned and sealed. This step is crucial for the windshield’s effectiveness and safety.

After the installation, the adhesive needs time to cure. The technician will advise you on the necessary wait time before driving your car. This curing period is vital to ensure the windshield is firmly set and secure. During this time, avoid any pressure on the windshield, such as washing the car or slamming the doors.

They will also check for any leaks or imperfections

Finally, the technician will clean up the work area and remove any protective coverings from your car. They will also check for any leaks or imperfections to ensure everything is perfect. Once completed, you can drive away with a new, safely installed windshield.

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