A Comprehensive Guide to Owning a 1955 Chevorlet Corvette

One of the few cars that symbolize The American Dream is the Chevrolet Corvette. Whether the model is a first-generation C1 Chevy or the 2020 Corvette Stingray, this brand is famous for producing cars with sleek bodywork and top-performing engines.

When the C1 Corvette made its debut back in 1953, it spawned seven more generations of radical changes and innovation. One of the popular vehicles produced in the first generation is the 1955 Corvette.

Overview and Specifications of the 1955 Corvette

Photo by dave_7 via Flickr Creative Commons

The 1955 Chevy Corvette is the answer to Corvette engineering corps, advertisers and aficionados who wanted more power from their vehicle. The 1955 model is a two-seater with a serious engine muscle.

What made this particular Chevron car model stand out is the 195-hp V8 engine, an efficient, compact valve-in-head engine. It comes with a four-barrel carburetor, two exhausts, a counter-balancing feature and a high-lift camshaft that makes the most of every gasoline pumped into the 1955 Chevy.

On top of the 1955 Corvette’s awesome engine, the model offers stellar stability. Regardless of the speed you’re cruising, you’ll love the vehicle’s balance and sense of security. The steering gear provided drivers with instant response thanks to its 16:1 ratio.

What’s more, the sports car comes with an 11-inch brake and a grip that can halt a truck and help you stay safe on the road. Manufacturers made sure that the 1955 Corvette specs provide precise stability that a true sports car owner would know and love.

Driving a 1955 Corvette would feel like taking out a comfortable and luxurious car on a family vacation. Luxury happens to be one of the keynotes of the 1955 Chevy cockpit. The bucket seats deliver excellent comfort with their foam rubber cushions. Soft carpeting covers the floor of the vehicle. When you look at the vehicle’s instrumental panel, you’ll find a hooded radio speaker, an electric clock, a rev-counter and a key-turn starter.

As for the vehicle’s transmission, the 1955 Corvette is available in a three-speed, heavy-duty manual transmission. Don’t worry, though, as automatic and effortless shifting is probable for this model. Car owners have the option to opt for a specially modified Powerglide transmission at an extra cost.

How Much is a 1955 Corvette Worth?

Photo by JOHN LLOYD via Flickr Creative Commons

Buying a 1955 Corvette for sale won’t be cheap given the vehicle’s excellent engine and luxury features. The price of this Corvette would be worth anywhere from $75,000 to $120,000. Just like in any given series, the first and last 1955 Chevy will have a higher price range.

Getting the Best Price for a 1955 Corvette

To bag the best value for a 1955 Chevy, take note of these tips:

  • Do Your Classic Car Homework – Remember that purchasing a Chevron car isn’t just about finding a vehicle that won’t hurt your pocket. It’s also making sure that you’re buying a car that suits your needs and tastes. A couple of questions you could ask yourself are “Do I like the overall design and functionality of this car model?” and “Will I still love the 1955 Corvette after driving it for a few years?”
  • Obtain Financing – You’ll want to get a pre-approved car loan from a third-party lender before you head to your nearest car 1955 Chevy dealer. Having this loan will help you get a good financing deal. Rather than accept the loan offer provided by the dealer, the dealership now has to beat the offer you already have. You’ll typically find the best car loan rates from credit unions, banks and institutions that offer a wide selection of financial services.
  • Go Car Shopping at Multiple Dealers – Many years ago, shopping at several auto dealerships meant driving miles and wasting a lot of gas getting to each dealer. Thanks to the internet, you can shop at several outlets in the comfort of your home (or anywhere with a good wi-fi connection). Browsing for cars at multiple dealers will give you the opportunity to negotiate the cost. If you find a dealer that’s offering a lower price compared to others in the area, you could use this information to buy the car at a good deal.

What to Look for When Buying a Used 1955 Corvette

Choosing to purchase a used 1955 Chevy is perfectly fine. Just make sure that you ask a few questions, get underneath the hood and conduct the proper inspections.

Here are a few things you should check when inspecting a classic Corvette:

  • Check the tires for problems
  • Take a good look at the vehicle’s birdcage, body and frame
  • Inspect for component damage, brake wear and leaks
  • Look at the body panels for cracks and other indications of damage
  • Examine the front clip to determine if the component is an aftermarket piece or a part of the original version

After you finish your self-assessment, the next step is to hire an auto mechanic who has extensive expertise and experience with classic cars. Don’t hesitate to walk away from the sale if the mechanic reports damage that will cost you a lot of money to fix.

If possible, take out the 1955 Chevy Corvette for a spin. While you’re driving, keep your ears and nose out for odd sounds and strange smells. Also, remember how the vehicle feels when you’re on the road.

Having a good understanding of what goes into purchasing a classic car will help you drive a Chevron car at a competitive price and in decent condition.

How to Maintain a Classic 1955 Corvette

Photo by mashleymorgan via Flickr Creative Commons

If you’re lucky enough to own a 1955 Chevy, you’ll need to maintain this beautiful and highly coveted classic vehicle. After all, the manufacturer only built about 700 of these models. Giving your Corvette the TLC it needs, therefore, is crucial to preserving the quality and elegance of this vehicle.

Here are a few tips to help you take care of your 1955 Corvette:

Keep the Tires in Optimal Condition

You want your tires to be in excellent condition. This way, you could enjoy smooth rides when you take out your Chevy for long and sunny afternoon drives.

Inspect your tires regularly by checking the pressure and conducting a visual inspection. If the tires in your car are cracked and dry, you’ll need to replace them even if the treads are still relatively intact.

Check the Vehicle Fluids Regularly

Even if you don’t take out your 1955 Chevy Corvette often, you should still monitor the vital fluids to prevent sudden mechanical breakdowns. Use premium oil that’s specifically formulated for your vehicle. Also, match that oil with the appropriate filter.

When changing your oil, consider doing this once a year even if you don’t drive your classic car often. You can consult the owner’s manual (which you can find on the web) if you’re unsure about the ideal oil level of your car.

Other than oil, you should keep a close eye on the power steering, brake, antifreeze and transmission fluids. Obtain accurate level readings and refill when necessary.

Store Your Corvette in a Garage

The best place to store a classic vehicle is the garage. This protects your Chevy from the harsh outdoor elements. If your budget permits, purchase a dehumidifier and put that in your garage. This appliance will help prevent mold and mildew from ruining your gorgeous Corvette.

Invest in a Quality Car Cover

If you’re going to stow away your 1955 Corvette in the garage, keep it covered as much as possible. When parking your Chevy somewhere else, consider covering your vehicle, as well. A quality cover safeguards your car from fading and discoloration.

A vehicle cover may also protect your Corvette from some forms of weather damage. Some covers, for instance, inflate to keep hail and heavy rain from pounding on the surface of your vehicle.

Look for a Corvette-Specific Auto Service Center

Conducting comprehensive maintenance on your classic car is a task that you should leave for qualified mechanics. Not just any auto service shop will do, though. You need a car service center that has the tools and equipment necessary to maintain and repair your 1955 Corvette. After all, special cars need special care and attention.

The 1955 Corvette revolutionized the sports car world — mostly thanks to the debut of the V8 engine. Although this Chevy is a first-generation model, you need to remember that no generation is better than the others. Just choose whatever fits your vehicle preferences, needs and your wallet.

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