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How Can You Soup Up an Older Car?

Millions of cars are produced every year. Among the many vehicles that hit the road, there is quite a sum composed of older ones that carry the cool aesthetic of yore and come at a more affordable price for new drivers looking to own a car. You can find a used SUV that still packs a punch and looks good without having to burn a hole in your pocket. That said, you may want to soup your car up, especially if it’s an older model. With enough upgrades and modifications, you can make a ride that’s distinctly yours and ready for the modern road.

Get a new exhaust

One of the first things you can do to soup up your car is to get a new exhaust system. It’s a double whammy since it has both performance and superficial benefits. In terms of improving your performance, a new exhaust can add significant horsepower because it more efficiently manages the gases and takes some of the load off your engine better. This way, you can still enjoy a muscle car from the old days without sacrificing speeds that you can get today.

You’ll also find that these babies look and sound good, adding that stylistic sound you usually find on a race track. If you want that added factor that adds to the feel of your speed and cruising, then this makes it an even better option.

Install some performance tires

Your wheels can dictate much of your car’s performance because of the way they predict your handling. With the right traction, treading, and grip, you can legally hit the road with a set that’s built for sport. These tires are made differently than standard options, so you can bet on having better response and control, and you can count on the aesthetic appeal they add to your car’s exteriors. With their rubber and construction, you can find the right performance tire that should be useable for any season and can withstand some heat.

It’s the extra touch that can bring your car to the next level, not just visually but also with how well it serves the drive.

Have a custom paint job

This one may seem like a purely aesthetic choice, and there is a lot of space for you to get creative here and personalize your car. However, you can get a good finish that is more durable against the elements and adds a coat of protection against minor damage to the exterior. A good paint job can make your car feel newer, cleaner, and more social media-ready all around. On a practical note, depending on the coating you pick, it’s also an investment that can make your car easier to clean in the long run.

Whether you go metallic, matte, or pearlescent, this can be that added edge you’re looking for when improving your vehicle. That is also your chance to dip into the rarer colors for your car. You can even get wild with the design if that’s your style.

Chip your car

Today, every car works with an onboard computer, which you can essentially upgrade to boost your performance. Even if you have an older vehicle, you can still check out a mechanic to get a new chip installed and help you tune your engine accordingly. That can give you more power and control, and even lessen the number of repairs you might have to do in the long run. You may also find that a good chip tuning can maximize the potential power output that your car has while even improving its fuel consumption.

Change up the interiors

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If you’ve already made improvements to the inner bowels of your car and decked out the exteriors, it’s time to peer into the interior aesthetics of your vehicle. There’s a lot you can do here if you have the resources and creativity, from installing lighting and custom speakers to changing up the trim with a dash kit. These can make your interiors look classier or bolder as you please.

Arguably the most practical change that you can do, though, is to change up your seating. You can get it upholstered with the material of your choice. That can make it look amazing whenever you step inside, plus it can significantly increase the comfort factor when going for a drive.

With just these changes, you can enhance what you already have without spending too much. You can get a great souped-up car that will last you the years ahead in style.

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