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Kia SUV: Which Model is the Best?

In the 2021 Kelley Blue Book, a Kia SUV makes it to the bottom of the list at 25. The Kia Sportage, recognized by fans as the OG SUV of the automaker, has sold over 91,000 units last year. By comparison, the Toyota RAV4 at the top spot has sold over 400,000 units. Although the Sportage is the only SUV from Kia that made it to Kelley’s best-selling list, this comfortable five-seater compact vehicle still packs plenty for its price.

Since Kia’s Sportage is a standout SUV among its lineup, does that mean it’s the best from the automaker?

What is Kia’s Best SUV?

According to Kia, its OG SUV, Sorento and the Telluride are among its best.

The Sportage

The Sportage is considered among the best not just for its affordability and features but also for its design. The handsome SUV has received nods from the iF Design Awards and the Good Design Award.

Of course, price and features aren’t the only factors you look at when you’re in the market for a new vehicle. You want to ride in comfort and style; you must also stay safe under any road condition. The Sportage has gone through the checks, and it has passed with flying colors.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) listed it as one of the safest models in 2018 whereas the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave it a 5-star rating.

The Sorento

In the midsize CUV segment, Kia’s Sorento was named the “Most Loved Vehicle.” Well-loved indeed by its buyers that the automaker declares it is the strongest driver of sales. This crossover SUV sold 5,000 monthly and 3.8 million globally.

Why do people love driving a Sorento so much?

Aside from its attractive exterior, this handsome SUV also features an infotainment system, enough cargo space and multiple safety nods from the NHTSA and the IIHS. It’s a top safety pick.

The Telluride

in 2020, the Telluride took the number one position in the Texas Auto Roundup, wherein new vehicles from automakers are evaluated and rated by journalists. More recently, this Kia SUV made it to the number one spot in Car and Driver’s best midsize SUVs.

The Kia Telluride is hailed for its roomy interior with enough legroom in the third row and lots of cargo space. With a base price of $34,345, the well-praised mid-size SUV from Kia is said to rival (perhaps even exceed) pricey luxurious vehicles in its segment.

But are these three recognized Kias the only SUVs from South Korea’s automobile manufacturer? No they are not.

What are Kia SUV Models?

Kia with steering wheel photo
Photo from kia.com

Kia’s SUV and crossover lineup features eight quality, performance and innovative vehicles, with a few of the models having a few variations. You can take your pick from traditional SUVs that run on gas to the more innovative and in-demand electric vehicles.

Kia’s SUV models are:

  1. EV6 – CUV flexibility with an AWD capability, this is Kia’s all electric SUV
  2. Telluride – this well-regarded midsize SUV from Kia can tow 5,000 lbs.
  3. Sorento – features eight standard driver tech, including blind-spot collision-avoidance assist
  • Sorento HEV
  • Sorento PHEV
  1. Sportage – its rugged capability propels every driving experience on this Kia SUV with its multi-terrain drive modes and all-terrain tires
  • Sportage HEV
  1. Seltos – this compact SUV has cutting-edge connectivity with remote start and boasts more passenger room than a Toyota RAV4
  2. Soul – this SUV from Kia has a roomy interior and unique exterior design with its iconic, upright shape and comes with Harman-Kardon sound system and mood lighting.
  3. Niro HEV – it’s Kia’s hybrid gas and electric SUV, featuring crossover-versatile cargo space, command view seating and a suite of tech for seamless driving and riding experiences.
  • Niro PHEV
  • Niro EV
  1. Carnival – the Carnival offers best-in-class horsepower and has 3,500 lbs towing capacity with driver-assistance technologies.

The range of options in Kia’s SUVs, you’re more than likely to find one that’ll fit your needs. From an all-electric SUV to a midsize crossovers, Kia’s vehicles match every driver and passenger. And they also meet the current needs of being on the road amid a pandemic.

So far, the automaker’s SUVs tick all the right boxes. They’re well-designed, come with features to satisfy drivers and passengers; they’ve passed the scrutiny of safety organizations and affordable.

Does it all mean a Kia’s reliable?

Is Kia a Reliable SUV?

Person standing beside Kia coupe
Photo by Vruyr Martirosyan

Although the Kia hasn’t had the kind of legacy or exposure of the most popular automakers in the world, like Ford and Tesla, its slowly catching attention. Its lineup of SUVs is a big part of this well-deserved spotlight.

The first factor to Kia SUVs reliability is the consistent industry validation. For starters, the automaker has been hailed by the J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study as the Most Dependable Non-Luxury Brand in 2021. No other non-luxury brand has reportedly outperformed Kia.

The second factor is the automaker’s industry-leading warranty program. You know that a brand is super confident about the quality of its products when it has the capability to provide a lengthy warranty period.

Kia’s warranty programs are:

  • 10-Year/100,000-Mile Limited Powertrain Warranty
  • 5-Year/60,000-Mile Limited Basic Warranty
  • 5-Year/100,000-Mile Limited Anti-Perforation Warranty
  • 5-Year/60,000-Mile 24-Hour Roadside Assistance
  • 10-Year/100,000-Mile Electric Vehicle (EV) System Warranty

So Which Kia SUV Model is the Best?

What may be best for one driver may not be so ideal for another. Not every driver’s going to be need a roomy interior and may prefer a full suite of technology in an SUV than be fussy about cargo space. Maybe your car-buying decision may be driven by price alone.

The best SUV from Kia will be the one that meets all of your requirements on design, features and price. Take some time to scrutinize the different models from South Korea’s automaker. Go on test drives to feel how one SUV drives over another. And consider the cost of ownership because a good looking SUV that holds its value better over time will always be a good investment.

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